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The ceremonial and formal look remains unfinished - incomplete - without shoes that compliment the fashion of the rest of the attire. Among our selection of formal shoe styles, there is a pair in just your size that will satisfy your taste, match the spirit of your formal wear and make the entire outfit uniquely your own.

Stride in Unforgettable Style

The perfect accent to your unique style - Finish the look with formal shoes that compliment the attire!

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Our Shoe Styles

Black Captoe Shoes

Classic Black Lace Shoes

Black Matte Shoes

Black & White 'Spectator' Shoes

Men-Wedding-Shoes1 Untitled-1

Black 'Jaguar' Shoes

Black 'Ostron' Shoes

Black 'Protocol' Shoes

Black Square-Toe Shoes

Black 'Turino' Shoes

Classic White Lace Shoes